Forget Reactive Truck Repair: Embrace Preventive Maintenance to Drive True Fleet Efficiency

    Your profits take a hit whenever a truck breaks down. On-road breakdowns are costly, time-consuming and cause great frustration. Learn how instituting a preventive maintenance program, ensuring compliance with that program and leveraging inspection data go a long way to minimizing over-the-road breakdowns.

    3 Ways to Capture Better Fleet Data Today

    There’s no reason to still manually capture the data you need to effectively manage your fleet maintenance and repair operation. It’s time to streamline your operation and invest in the right technology so you can capture the data necessary to make quick decisions, keep your fleet moving and improve profits.

    Avoid Analysis Paralysis: 4 Fleet Efficiency Metrics You Should be Tracking

    When you’re inundated with data it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Don’t let analysis paralysis impede your decision-making. Learn about four fleet efficiency metrics that go beyond cost-per-mile and help you to gain a better understanding of the health of your fleet maintenance process.

    4 Fleet Maintenance Management Tips to Help Reduce Your Stress

    The typical fleet maintenance manager moves from one fire to the next – leaving you stressed, exhausted and unproductive. The good news is you can take steps to make service event management less stressful.

    Real-World Thoughts on the True Cost of Downtime

    Bob Stanton, a former fleet manager and current industry consultant with more than 37 years of service and repair experience, talks about Decisiv’s whitepaper on going beyond cost-per-mile to measure fleet health. He says that most fleets don’t consider the real cost downtime has on their entire operation. He strongly believes that downtime is a significant part of the true cost of running a fleet.

    Volvo Focuses on Asset Utilization at UPTIME 2015

    At UPTIME 2015, Volvo Trucks North America highlighted the importance of improving service event management and increasing fleet profitability using advanced technology. ASIST, developed by Decisiv, was profiled along with Volvo’s Remote Diagnostics and Uptime Call Center. Learn how these technologies are changing the future of service event management.

    Mack Trucks Highlights Importance of Fleet Efficiency

    Mack Trucks recently discussed technology’s role in improving fleet efficiency at its UPTIME 2015 conference. Event workshops highlighted the role of ASIST, powered by Decisiv, which helps Mack fleet managers achieve better service management and efficiency through advanced collaboration and communication.

    The Business Intelligence Tools Every Fleet Manager Needs to Improve Efficiency

    Untimely, incomplete or inaccurate information during service events hurts fleet efficiency while increasing downtime and costs. An automated Service Relationship Management (SRM) platform provides business intelligence tools that allow you to be more effective. Learn more about how to gain access to the data you need by using an SRM platform.

    3 Ways You Can Use Mobile Technology to Improve Fleet Efficiency

    Are you frustrated with paper-based inspection, maintenance and repair management systems that are slow and error-prone? Mobile technology is a key tool to helping you boost your fleet efficiency. Learn three ways you can use mobile technology to improve your service event management process.

    Are Service Event Process Problems Sabotaging Your Fleet Efficiency?

    If you’re still using the same service event processes that you’ve been using for decades your operation probably isn’t as efficient as possible. Now is the time to re-evaluate your processes and improve service event management efficiency. Who wouldn’t want greater fleet efficiency, reduced downtime and higher bottom-line profitability?