Use SRM to Manage Fleet Growth and Stay Profitable

    If you want your fleet to operate as efficiently and profitably as possible, your assets must be properly maintained. Learn why it’s important to invest in real-time Service Relationship Management (SRM) to manage all of your maintenance and repair events whether they occur in your shop or at an outside service provider’s facility.

    How an SRM System Can Help You Avoid CSA Violations

    Nearly two-thirds of all CSA violations are in the Maintenance BASIC category. The best way to avoid these violations and accompanying fines is to address problems before they’re found during a roadside inspection. Learn how a Service Relationship Management (SRM) system can help you better manage your maintenance operation.

    Optimizing Your Fleet Maintenance Program as Truck Utilization Increases

    Truck tonnage is up, which means more trucks are on the road, and existing trucks are traveling more miles to ensure goods get delivered. With demand so high, keeping your trucks running and in good condition is critical. This makes maintenance more important than ever. Learn how a good Service Relationship Management (SRM) solution helps you to more effectively manage your maintenance and repair operation.

    Telematics and Service Relationship Management: A Winning Combination

    More OEMs and fleets are integrating telematics devices into vehicles to provide a wide variety of information about the condition of their assets. Learn how tying the input from telematics devices into a Service Relationship Management (SRM) platform makes the fleet data even more valuable and speeds up the repair process.

    Is Your Fleet Using Technology to Optimize Asset Utilization?

    Your fleet won’t be successful if your assets aren’t available when you need them to deliver goods. While 100 percent asset utilization is probably unrealistic, you should strive for a rate that’s as high as possible. Learn how to determine what you want to track, manage and measure, and then use technology to improve asset utilization.

    4 Ways to Stay Profitable as Your Fleet Operations Expand

    The economy is in decent shape and there’s a significant amount of freight that needs to be moved. Now may be a good time for you to look at adding vehicles to your fleet. Learn the steps you should take to ensure you get the most out of new assets and maintain your fleet’s overall profitability as you expand.

    3 Ways SRM Delivers Value for Your Technology Investments

    You expected your maintenance technology and telematics investments to pay big dividends. But sometimes these point solutions don’t fully deliver the promised ROI for your maintenance operations. Service Relationship Management (SRM) software integrates information from multiple systems to enable in-context access to the information you need at the point of service as part of a closed-loop process that ensures the right people get all the information they need when they need it.

    The Biggest Challenges Affecting Fleet Operations Today

    From electronic data logs and speed limiters to greenhouse gas emissions and changes to the Hours of Service regulations, the trucking industry is facing several ongoing legislative and regulatory initiatives. Many of these changes will impact fleet efficiency. Learn how better managing maintenance helps to offset resulting efficiency loss.

    SRM Improves Efficiency for Leasing and Maintenance Companies

    As part of the Decisiv Network Alliance, NationaLease leverages the Decisiv Service Relationship Management (SRM) platform to support its NationaLease Fleet 20/20 Initiative. Discover how the SRM platform’s closed-loop communication and real-time management of service events gives leasing and managed maintenance providers a competitive edge. Plus learn about our new integration with Enrich.

    Use Technology to Improve Your Recruiting and Retention

    It’s no secret that much of the workforce in the trucking industry consists of “baby boomers” who are reaching retirement age. Finding and retaining quality employees is a priority for most fleets. Learn how investing in the latest technology helps make your fleet more attractive to the best and brightest employees.