Decisiv and NationaLease Join Forces to Improve Uptime

    Decisiv has teamed up with NationaLease, one of the largest full-service leasing organizations in North America, to offer an enhanced vehicle maintenance platform called NationaLease Fleet 20/20. Learn how this new platform will help fleets to improve uptime and reduce costs.

    Making the Switch to Proactive Fleet Maintenance

    Moving your fleet from reactive repair to proactive preventive maintenance has many benefits. You’ll reduce the number of on-road breakdowns, have fewer (or even eliminate) CSA violations and fines, and rely less on rental vehicles. But to be successful, you’ll need to consistently capture and analyze reliable information from multiple sources.

    Making the Connection to Improve Service Events

    We live in a connected world with the Internet of Things (IoT) being the next hot technology topic and fleets are no different. As a result of this connectivity, fleets have access to tons of data. A good Service Relationship Management (SRM) process leverages data from the entire service supply ecosystem to allow real-time decision-making that speeds up the repair process and gets trucks back on the road quicker.

    Decisiv Reaches Out to Private Fleets During Recent Conference

    Executives from the nation’s private fleets came together recently in Cincinnati during the NPTC’s annual meeting. It was a great time for us to learn about their pain points and offer solutions for their fleet maintenance management problems. Discover more about how Decisiv’s Service Relationship Management (SRM) system benefits private fleets.

    Use SRM to be Prepared for CVSA’s Annual Roadcheck

    CVSA inspectors will be on the road June 2-4 for Roadcheck 2015, the annual roadside inspection blitz. To help ensure your trucks pass an inspection, make sure your maintenance process is aligned with what inspectors will be focusing on. A Service Relationship Management (SRM) program helps you to be ready if an inspector pulls over your truck.

    What the Heck is SRM for Fleets and Do You Need It?

    Are you familiar with Service Relationship Management (SRM)? You should be, especially if you’re experiencing costly breakdowns, increased downtime, and CSA violations and fines. SRM provides real-time information about repairs and gives you more control over the entire repair process.

    Start Lowering Fleet TCO by Attacking These 4 Problems

    Many factors go into determining the total cost of ownership (TCO) for an asset. While you don’t have control over every factor, you can take control of your maintenance and repair process. Learn about four key areas to focus on to start lowering your TCO today.

    Use These 3 Technologies to Improve Your Repair Process

    Telematics, mobile check-in, and VMRS are technologies that can help speed up your vehicle repair process. Leveraging the information from these tools not only makes diagnostics quicker and easier, it also helps ensure vehicles are fixed right the first time and allows you to benchmark performance.

    Do You Have the Right Information Flowing in Your Service Ecosystem?

    Does information flow properly during your service events? When information is shared across the entire service supply chain ecosystem, everyone benefits from operational efficiencies, decreased costs and improved decision-making. The end result is increased profitability for all. Learn about how to avoid five roadblocks to information flow.

    Stop Analyzing the Wrong Data! Make Better and Faster Decisions Starting Today

    Too many fleet maintenance managers react to data they receive in reports after a service event is completed. Having real-time information during a service event improves the service event management process. It also provides insight into the most costly and time-consuming repairs, which allows for better short- and long-term decision making.