Service Event Management Solutions

Delivering Value Across the Service Supply Chain

Decisiv’s Service Relationship Management (SRM) offers a real-time platform to fundamentally change the way service and repair events are tracked, managed and measured. Decisiv’s platform unifies the entire service supply chain to effectively manage communications, documentation, people, service locations and processes for any service event. It easily provides users access to critical data at the point of service to improve decision-making, enhance capital and resource efficiency as well as lower operating costs.

The platform enables real-time management, accountability and visibility for service events across the service supply chain for any commercial asset for a range of industries, from trucking and transportation, power generation and mining, to construction equipment and marine.

Decisiv Fleet Operations and Maintenance

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The Decisiv Service Management Platform provides us with the ability to more effectively communicate with service providers. It promotes accuracy and consistency across our network because all of the information related to a service event is accessible to everyone involved. This new integration will combine two technologies that complement each other. We readily agreed to be the pilot fleet because the integration between the Decisiv Service Management Platform and our TMT software will enhance our dedication to maintenance and to superior customer service.

- Jim Prang, Director of Maintenance, PMTG

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